Police Training in Illinois

As one of the premier programs focusing on police training in Illinois, the Central Illinois Police Training Center has a long-standing respect and cohesive work relationship with the dedicated officers of beautiful Illinois. Our objective has always been to offer relevant and professional knowledge for officers who are on the job each and every day. We have designed our training courses specifically to instill new skills in officers of all ages. A new generation of law enforcement professionals is stepping forward. They deserve the skills and abilities to perform above and beyond expectations.

Becoming a Law Enforcement Officer

Many newcomers to the law enforcement field tend to take college courses to begin their careers. Another surefire method is to apply as a part-time officer at your local Police Department or Sheriff’s Office; in this case, you are required to take a 9-month part-time Basic LEO course through a mobile training unit. For those who already have a full or part-time job, this is the best method to become a law enforcement officer.

At Central Illinois Police Training Center, we offer police training in Illinois for those just starting out as a law enforcement officer. We also offer training for those with years of experience in the field alike.


If you want to be accepted into the world of law enforcement and complete police training in Illinois through our mobile training unit, you must meet the following conditions:

  • At least 21 years old and have a valid FOID card
  • Associate’s Degree or previous military or law enforcement experience
  • No felony convictions (Numerous misdemeanors are also grounds for disqualification)
  • Pass a physical fitness test, medical exam, and mental health screening
  • Qualify with standard-issue firearms
  • Have a valid Illinois driver’s license

Contact Us

For more information on training programs for law enforcement professionals, contact the Central Illinois Police Training Center at (309) 690-7350. We would be happy to answer your questions and help you register for new courses.

Police Training in Illinois