How to Become a LEO

Taking college classes is one of the best ways to get started in a life time career for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice.  You have the opportunity to see what the job is all about and decide if there is an area of expertise you would like to concentrate in.  Many schools have LE and CRJ programs.  Below are two very good programs this MTU has been associated with in the area.

Another way is to begin as a part time officer with a local Police Department or Sheriff’s Office.  Here you must apply or be asked to join as a part time officer.  You will be required to take the 9 month part-time Basic LEO course through an MTU.  This option is best for those that already have a full or part time job and can not dedicate to a full time educational institution.

  • Most Police departments require an Associates Degree or prior Military or Law Enforcement experience.
  •  You must be 21 and have a valid FOID card.
  • Have no Felony Convictions.  (Several misdemeanor convictions are also disqualifiers.  i.e. DUI, Domestic Abuse, Theft over $300)
  • Pass a Physical Fitness Test, Medical Exam and Mental Health Screening.
  • Qualify with firearms.
  • Have a valid Illinois Drivers License.

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