C.R.I.M.E – CIPTC, Peoria

C.R.I.M.E – CIPTC, Peoria

02-19-2025 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Central Illinois Police Training Center Poplar Hall P101
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Address: 5407 N University St, Peoria, IL 61614, USA
5407 N University St, Peoria, IL 61614, USA


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C.R.I.M.E. 123

Criminal Related Interview Made Easy

Instructor: Domenic Cappelluti

Public Grants & Training Initiatives

February 19, 2025

8am– 5pm

Class will meet at CIPTC, ICC Peoria Campus, 5407 N. University, Poplar P101, Peoria

Enrollment Deadline: February 12, 2025

Course Size:  Minimum – 15   Maximum – 64

Course Object

This 8 hour course has been specifically designed by the instructor, Detective Domenic Cappelluti, to prepare all detectives, investigators, agents, supervisors, gang officers and uniformed patrol officers to become effective interviewers when conducting criminal investigations and other professional duties as directed by their respective agencies.

 Course Content

The focus of this course is to provide law enforcement personnel with specialized interview and interrogation training that will assist in developing the knowledge and skill level needed to effectively and professionally conduct interviews and interrogations with today’s most experienced criminals.  Each specific module has been designed for every participant to focus on self-evaluation and address their own strong and weak points as they prepare to become professional interviewers.

From newer officers to the more experienced detectives, participants will learn to easily separate the interview and interrogation process in three easy steps.  Each crucial step provides simple and straightforward how-to’s that will assist in obtaining difficult confessions and solving criminal cases.

Course goals and objectives:

Understand the process of interviews and interrogations

Accurately and systematically get the truth and avoid false confessions

Learn successful preparation steps

Understand the interviewer’s and suspect’s physical and verbal behavior

Choose the appropriate interrogation approach depending on the circumstances

Obtain and protect voluntary confessions

About the Instructor

Domenic Cappelluti CFI, is a veteran detective with the Waukegan (Illinois) Police Department and a former Group Supervisor of the elite Lake County, IL Major Crime Task Force. With over 24 years of experience Dom has specialized in high profile violent street crimes, gang homicides, murder for hire cases on gang and drug officers and officer involved shootings. During his career, he has worked in various divisions, and avidly supervised the Criminal Investigations Bureau and the Gang Suppression Unit. Dom has proudly conducted and directed hundreds of gang and drug related operations throughout Lake County, Cook County and the Chicago metropolitan area targeting Chicago based street gangs. He is fluent in Spanish and Italian and has successfully conducted thousands of interviews and interrogations in Spanish with gang members from various gangs.

Mobile In-Service Training Team # 7 Illinois Enforcement Training and Standards Board

MTU #7 request for certification of this course has been approved by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board

Meets the following mandatory training criteria: Civil Rights 3 hours, Constitutional and Proper use of Law Enforcement Authority 3 hours, Procedural Justice 2 hours, and Lead Homicide Investigator 8 hours. (LHI -Mandated 32 hours every four years after initial training)

C.R.I.M.E – CIPTC, Peoria