09-09-19 8:00 AM - 09-11-19 12:00 PM
Central Illinois Police Training Center
Address: 5407 N University St, Poplar 100, Peoria, IL 61614
5407 N University St, Poplar 100, Peoria, IL 61614


Michael J. Oyer, Director
Illinois Central College-Peoria Campus-Poplar Hall
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Classroom P101
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Peoria, IL 61635-0001
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Instructor: Public Agency Training Council

September 9-11, 2019
(2.5 days of training)
September 9-10, 2018 8am – 4pm
September 11, 2018 8am – 12pm

Class will meet in our classroom (above)
Enrollment Deadline: September 21, 2019
Course Size: Minimum -20, Maximum – 64

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Course Objective

All of us are familiar with the term, Minimum Standards. We use minimum standards for everything from firearms to understanding constitutional law. However, many of us use minimum standards as a destination while we should be using it as a starting line. How do we change this mentality? LEADERSHIP. This class is all about providing you the tools you need to become the best leader you can be. Doing that comes with the understanding that great leadership is the result of a lifetime of learning and experience combined with a commitment to help others do the same. If you are looking to improve the performance, relationships, and morale of your department, then this class is for you.

Course Content
  • Historical leaders are brought to life and examined in this multi-sensory experience
  • Learn how we are affected by our practices and generational differences
  • See the difference between your “circle of comfort” and your “circle of influence”
  • Experience how our profession is impacted by the “Blame Game”
  • Receive tools that will help you with relationships between subordinates and everyone you serve – Understanding The Parmenio Factor
  • Leadership and Law Enforcement: Becoming the professional we want to be
  • Understand the Paradigm Effect, Paradigm Paralysis, and its impact on your ability to effectively lead.
  • Understand the importance of having, celebrating and sustaining a belief system
  • Understand the difference between management and leadership and how they impact different areas
  • Understand how to apply the Leadership Test©
  • Understand how to use and apply the DiSC® profile ad it applies to supervision
  • Understand the myth surrounding the “Perfect Leader
Who Should Attend

This course is designed to provide knowledge and training which will enhance supervisory and leadership skills when supervising subordinates.

Course Certification Information
MTU 7 request for certification of this course has been  approved by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board Mobile In-Service Training Team #7 Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board
Meets mandatory guidelines set for the following: Cultural Competency Procedural Justice, Constitutional and Proper Use of Law Enforcement Authority, Human Rights and Legal Updates