Ballistic Shield Instructor Course ITOA, Tazewell County Range, Tremont, IL

Ballistic Shield Instructor Course ITOA, Tazewell County Range, Tremont, IL

05-06-2024 8:00 AM - 05-10-2024 4:00 PM
Tazewell County Range
Address: 21302 Illinois Route 9, Tremont, IL
21302 Illinois Route 9, Tremont, IL


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Ballistic Shield Instructor Course

Class Full email for waiting list.

Instructor: Greg Poulos, ITOA

May 6-10, 2024

 8am – 4pm

 Class will meet at: Tazewell County Range,  21302 Illinois Route 9, Tremont IL

Enrollment Deadline:  April 29, 2024

Course Size:  Maximum – 20

Course Objective

This 40-hour Ballistic Shield Instructors Course is designed and presented for Firearms / Tactical Instructors to provide all of the tactical skill sets, printed material and training outlines required to teach and certify patrol officers to deploy and utilize a hand-held ballistic shield. This course focuses on the ballistic shield and related equipment, training and operational considerations when deploying the shield during law enforcement patrol functions.

Course Content

Topics covered include:

Stances, movement, reload/malfunction drills, live fire, basic CQB, perimeter operations, arrest team strategies, building searches, vehicle search, rescues and other high-risk patrol operations. The course requires student instructors to learn, practice and demonstrate proficiency in the critical individual and team skill sets required to become certified as a shield operator and also teach those skills sets to police officers. Student instructors will be required to learn, practice, and demonstrate the ability to teach the skills learned in platform, range, and tactical applications.


500 pistol, 25 rifle, 200 sims pistol 200 sims rifle (or other brand of force on force equipment like UTM) eyes ears duty equipment vests helmets if issued a shield

Duty gear,

Eye/ear Protection,

Duty Weapon,

Long Gun (if dept. equipped)

Helmet (if equipped),

Writing Material,

Ballistic Shield (if access to one is available)

The course requires every attendee to be equipped with a converted patrol rifle and pistol that shoot marking cartridges. Officers should also bring protective mask and neck protection if available. Officers without converted weapons may attend – ITOA & CIPTC have a limited number of training weapons, so please make every effort to obtain them for the class. CIPTC will supply the marking rounds & ammo. CIPTC has some simunition weapon if needed.


Students will be evaluated by taking a written test, participation in practical exercises, teach backs, and reality-based training scenarios with converted weapons & marking cartridges.

Mobile In-Service Training Team # 7 Illinois Enforcement Training and Standards Board

MTU #7 request for certification of this course has been approved by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board

Meets the following mandatory training criteria: 1 hour: Const. Use of LE Authority, 20.50 hours: De-Escalation Techniques with 17 hours of Scenario Base, 6 hours: High-Risk Traffic Stops, with 6 hours of Scenario Base, 1 hour: Laws concerning stops, searches and the use of force with 1 hour Scenario base, and 10.50 hours: Officer safety techniques, including cover, concealment and time with 10.50 hours of Scenario Base.

Ballistic Shield Instructor Course ITOA, Tazewell County Range, Tremont, IL