Breath Alcohol Operator Testing

Breath Alcohol Operator Testing

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11-28-17 8:00 AM - 11-29-17 4:00 PM
Central Illinois Police Training Center
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Breath Alcohol Operator Testing

Instructor: Robert Wilson,
Illinois State Police

November 28-29, 2017
8am – 4pm

This project is partially supported by Homeland Security funds, awarded by the Illinois Terrorism Task Force through the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board Executive Institute.

Class will meet in our classroom (above)
Enrollment Deadline: November 15, 2017
Course Size: Minimum -12, Maximum – 24

Course Objective

This course is designed to familiarize students with the physiological effects of alcohol and how it reacts in the human system; develop student skills in recognizing the driving behavior of the drinking driver; prepare students to properly operate the accepted and approved Breath Testing Instruments in Illinois; develop student knowledge of the legal requirements of breath alcohol testing; courtroom testimony and SFST review.


Every department should have officers trained and certified in the operation of breath testing equipment to meet the legal requirements imposed through legislation.  The intricacies associated with making a DUI arrest, which include critical time limitations, make a trained and certified operator essential to the modern police agency.


This course was developed cooperatively by the Police Training Institute, Illinois State Police.  Students will be trained on all evidentiary and preliminary breath testing devices.

About the Instructor

Robert Wilson, ISP

I’ve been in law enforcement with the Illinois State Police since June of 1994.  During my career I have been a part of several different State Police Units. The majority of my career has been in patrol, but I have time in a FBI drug and gun task force, General Investigations, Field Training Officer, and now in Alcohol and Substance Testing.   I have participated in many in-service training programs as well as training specific to Alcohol and Substance Testing.  I currently service 18 Counties and over 125 different Breath Alcohol Instruments.  I calibrate, accuracy test, and repair the instruments.  I also teach re-certification and full Breath Alcohol Training courses, Standard Field Sobriety full courses, as well as other seminars, conferences, etc.

MTU 7 request for certification of this course has been  approved by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board Mobile In-Service Training Team #7 Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board
Meets mandatory guidelines set for the following: Legal Updates