Professional Communication Competencies

Professional Communication Competencies

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12-06-17 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Central Illinois Police Training Center
Address: 5407 N University St, Poplar 100, Peoria, IL 61614


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Professional Communication Competencies

Instructor: Jan Mirikitani,
Mirikitani & Associates

December 6, 2017
8am – 12pm

Class will meet in Arbor A-111
Enrollment Deadline: November 28, 2017
Course Size: Minimum -15, Maximum – 64
Course Objective

What people refer to as “customer service” is actually a platform for the Department’s mission statement and the ethical path for organizational culture, both inside and outside the agency.  It is the ethical standards lived out verbally and non-verbally for internal and public communication.  It’s the voice on the phone, the service received from every employee, how law-abiding citizens are treated, & how criminals are treated throughout the arrest/booking/transport process.

Course Content

Telecommunicators and/or Officers will discuss:
1. Tenets for developing professional relationships:  assertion
2. Four necessary communication cores.
3. Creating a consistency of professionalism in Department communication
4. The differences between professional and interpersonal relationships
5. The chain of command goes both upward and downward.
6. Respect for employee privacy

Instructor Biography

Jan Mirikitani (Mirikitani & Associates) Jan teaches leadership principles for organizational communication competency with true realistic application. She has worked with federal, state, county and municipal governments (primarily law enforcement) as well as corporations and school districts. Jan has been a continuing education trainer for the St. Louis County & Municipal Police Academy for nearly 30 years. She is considered a friend to law enforcement officers is every jurisdiction in which she had delivered training.

Course Certification Information
MTU 7 request for certification of this course has been  approved by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board Mobile In-Service Training Team #7 Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board

Meets mandatory guidelines set for the following: Cultural Competency and Procedural Justice