Medical Marijuana DUI

Medical Marijuana DUI

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10-10-17 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Central Illinois Police Training Center
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Medical Marijuana DUI

Instructor: Bruce Talbot

October 10, 2017
8am – 4pm

Class will meet in Hickory 108
Enrollment Deadline: October 3, 2017
Course Size: Minimum -15, Maximum – 64
Course Objective
The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program (aka “The Medical Marijuana Law”) significantly changed 720 ILCS 11-501, the “DUI law”. The new law removes the A-6 “Zero Tolerance” urine-based marijuana charge for medical marijuana impaired drivers and replaces it with “physical indicators of impairment” performed during the three standardized field sobriety tests. This full day police training class will provide officers with recommendations for recognizing, documenting impairment, and charging the medical marijuana impaired driver based on recommendations from the Illinois Department of Transportation sponsored Medical Marijuana Conference. The new A-7 marijuana per se law will also be discussed along with new expired breath and oral fluid drug tests currently coming on the market.

Course Content

Upon completion of this training, officers will be able to:

  • Discuss the changes the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Cannabis Pilot Program Act makes to 720 ILCS 11-501
  • Relate the changes to the “Open Container Law” on transporting marijuana in a motor vehicle
  • List the physical indicators of marijuana intoxication
  • Relate the 2014 scientific research on marijuana indicators during performance of the three standardized field sobriety tests
  • Review the recommended procedures for processing the medical marijuana impaired driver
  • Describe the difference between THC, CBD, and CBN medical cannabis on driving performance

About the Instructor:

Sergeant Bruce R. Talbot (Ret.), a State Training Board Certified Instructor and federally certified SFST instructor with 30+ years SFST training. A noted national trainer, Bruce has taught at police academies across the nation and has been called as a source expert witness before two congressional hearings on drug policy. He has appeared on many popular public opinion programs including NBC TODAY Show, CNN Talk Back Live, ABC A Closer Look, CBS Eye On America and more. Bruce Talbot is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Staff and Command, holds a Master of Public Administration degree from Roosevelt University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Illinois University.

MTU 7 request for certification of this course has been  approved by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board Mobile In-Service Training Team #7 Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board
Meets mandatory guidelines set for the following: Civil Rights, Constitutional and Proper use of Law Enforcement Authority, Procedural Justice and Legal Updates